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Arundel Walking Tours


Arundel Historic Tours Now incorporating Talks and ‘On Tour’ bringing Arundel alive Wherever you are.

Martin  and  Gwenn  Alderton locals  from  Arundel  have developed  a   fascinating  tour  of historic  Arundel.  People  living  locally  as  well  as  Tourists,  Language  Schools,  coach  parties  and  day  trippers have  been  introduced  to  the  intriguing  insight into the Roman and Victorian  through  to anecdotal  facts  and   changes  throughout  the  town.

During  the  walk  they  make reference  to  photo  books showing  the  town  100  years ago,  the  changes,  the  changing face  and  the  unusual. The  pictures  are  fascinating in  themselves but  being  on  the  tour  and  seeing  the  places  now  and  how  they  were  and the  history  or  story  behind them,  sometimes bizarre, makes the  tour  a  must  for  history  lovers  and  for  people  intrigued by  local  knowledge.

For  coach  parties  to  small groups  they  have  devised  an illustrated talk,  if  walking  is  difficult  or time  is  short  they  take  groups to  the  town  square  and  relate all  our  knowledge  and  display the  pictures  they  have.

Arundel  Historical  Tours and Talks  are  educational  to,  so  they  are looking  to  use  their knowledge and  pictorial  history  to  do  presentations  at  local  schools and  colleges.  The Arundel Walking  Tours  ‘On  Tour’  is being developed  to  take  to  those who  are  unable  to  get  to   Arundel  or  just  unable  to  do the  tour  for  whatever  reason. They  are  looking  to  present  to care  homes, family gatherings,  WI's,  rehabilitation centres,  retirement  clubs and  the  like.

“Hi Martin I am sitting back with a pint reflecting on the fascinating time we spent with you today slowly strolling through old Arundel and taking in its special significance and charm. Your quiet passion for the town of your birth and its incredible history as well as your wealth of carefully researched detail made the buildings and hidden uniqueness come alive for us. We saw it through new eyes - those which deeply appreciate and love it“. This from South African Doctors who toured recently.

You too can experience the wonder that is Arundel and learn of its history and treasures … Call Us or Email and let’s start the process, share the tour with friends,  colleagues, family or with companions.

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